Bio & About


Like the spectrum of colors found in a traditional piece of Ankara, Nwadiuto Anyanwu, more famously known as "Valentina Amour", is a multi-faceted modern-day creative. 

Born in Brooklyn, New York, to Nigerian parents- Valentina spent her childhood raised in the afro-hip U.S. cities of D.C. and N.Y and her culturally rich home country of Nigeria. 

A true art connoisseur, Amour is a graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a B.F.A in Visual Arts. Her resume ranges from fashion to film.  She got her start as a T.V. personality at NBC Universal Networks.  After a couple of years at the network, a time Amour describes as "dark, but necessary for growth", she left to pursue her education with the hopes to transform her life. She has gone on to produce various works including her latest project called Val's Diary on YouTube.


Amour is an up and coming writer, cinematographer, and designer, who has made it her mission to impact the lives of women everywhere by empowering them to practice self-love and acceptance.


She is currently working on developing her personal brand Valentina Amour, a culmination of all of her artistic works and endeavors.  Amour lives bicoastally, residing in both Los Angeles and Washington D.C throughout the year.